1937 Press Photo of actress Beverly Younger

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Mrs. Younger dropped out of school at 14, joining a theatrical company full-time.After an engagement in Chicago, she decided to stay and performed for the next several years with the Federal Theater and began being featured on radio soap operas.Her longest-running role was that of Matilda Pendelton on the popular "Ma Perkins," but her voice also gave life to the title character on "Kitty Keene."Her greatest visibility came when she became a member of the cast of "Studs' Place," the now-legendary early TV hit that featured Terkel as the owner of an informally run restaurant where local characters and visiting celebrities dropped in.For the three years from 1949 to 1951 that the weekly show aired, Mrs. Younger played Gracie, the soft-hearted and practical waitress."She had a wondrous, illuminating recognition of the human condition," said Terkel. "She had the uncanny ability to make an audience chuckle and cry at the same time. That's the hallmark of a true artist."
Photo measures 8 x 10 in.

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