1985 Press Photo Caroline Paul American Writer Fiction Nonfiction Chicago Ill

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Popular vocalists, Ernie Mc Lean and Caroline Paul, provide scintillating vocals for the current musical ice revue hit.Caroline Paul (born July 29, 1963 in New York City) is an American writer of fiction and nonfiction. She was raised in Connecticut (her father was an investment banker, her mother a social worker), and educated in journalism and documentary film at Stanford University. She worked as a journalist at Berkeley public radio station KPFA before (in 1988) joining the San Francisco Fire Department, as one of the first women hired by the department. She worked most of her career on Rescue 2, where she and her crew were responsible for search and rescue in fires. Rescue 2 members were also trained and sent on scuba dive searches, rope and rappelling rescues, surf rescues, confined space rescues, all hazardous material calls, and the most severe train and car wrecks. (Wikipedia)

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