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MUTABARUKAMutabaruka (born Allan Hope, 26 December 1952, Rae Town, Kingston) is a Jamaican Rastafarian dub poet. His name comes from the Rwandan language and translates as "one who is always victorious". He lives in Potosi District, St. James with his spartner and their two childern. Mutabaruka continues to perform and write poems on every issue known to man. He's known for his expressions and lively performances more so than just the poems themselves. Some of his themes include sexism, politics, discrimination, poverty, race, and especially religion. Mutabaruka's stylistic form is in a way pathos related. He uses stories and experiences to get readers to think about issues in ways that they wouldn't normally think about them.(WIKIPEDIA)
Photo measures 8 x 10 in.

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