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SAUDI ARABIAN AHMAD SHUKAIRY IS SHOWN ADDRESSING THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLYAhmad al-Shukeiri (January 1, 1908–February 26, 1980) (Arabic: ???? ????????) also transcribed al-Shuqayri, Shuqeiri, Shukeiry, etc.), was the first Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, serving in 1964–67.Shukeiri was born in Tebnine, south Lebanon then Ottoman Empire to a Turkish mother and an Arab father, As'ad Shukeiri (1860–1940), He became a member of the Arab Higher Committee and a member of the Nashashibi party in the Pekha (province) of Acre. He was elected to the Ottoman Parliament in 1908 and 1912). Ahmad acquired the Turkish language from his mother. After studying law in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he became a prominent lawyer in British-Palestine and a member of the Syrian delegation to the United Nations from 1949 to 1951.(WIKIPEDIA).
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