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PREMIER AHMED MAHIR PASHAAhmed Maher Pasha (1888 – February 24, 1945) (Arabic: ???? ???? ?????) was the Prime Minister of Egypt from October 10, 1944 to February 24, 1945. He was a member of the Saadist Institutional Party and was appointed Prime Minister following the removal of Mustafa an-Nahhas Pasha by King Farouk.After assuming power he called for new elections and opposed the candidacies of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, against whom he had declared a fatwa. All Muslim Brotherhood members were defeated in what were widely considered to be unfair elections. Maher then declared war against the Axis Powers in World War II, primarily to gain a diplomatic advantage at the end of the war (which was seen as imminent). Immediately after his announcement, Maher was assassinated at parliament by 28-year-old Mustafa Essawy. Although it was assumed that Essawy was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he later confessed that he was actually a member of the Wafd Party instead.(WIKIPEDIA)

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