Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did all these photographs come from?
A: These photographs are from various newspaper archives from cities all across the United Sates, including Boston, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and more. 
Q: Can I get an unwatermarked digital version instead?
A: No. We sell only original physical vintage prints as collectible items do not make or distribute any copies, physical or digital. 
Q: Do the photos come with any copyright or usage rights?
A: No. Our photos are sold as collectible items only, and do not come with any copyright or usage rights.
Q: Can I use this photograph in my documentary/website/book/etc.?
A: This is not something that Historic Images can grant permission for, as the copyrights remain with the original copyright holder, and we just sell vintage news photos as collectible items. You would need to seek permission from the copyright holder, usually found on the back of the photo or within the caption.
Q: How quickly do you ship orders?
A: We typically ship within one business day after your payment clears. If you do not receive an "order shipped" email from us by the close of the second business day from submitting payment, please e-mail us at 
Q: That watermark won't be on the photo I receive, will it?
A: This is a digital watermark we use to protect our images. It is not printed on the photo. 
Q: What about those marks or creases?
A: The marks that appear on the photographs WILL be on your shipped item. These were actual newsroom photographs that were put to work and appeared in stories in newspapers all over the United States. Sometimes editors needed to mark up the photos. These are part of the photo's history as a news photo, and we try to preserve that.
Q: What are your office hours?
A: Photos for us are a business, and a very fun one to be in! We are open M-F 9 to 5 (CST). Therefore, we do not return e-mails and phone calls over the weekend. We observe the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.